We always look after your best interests and give you the best possible advice at all times.
"Your partner in seafood" is not only a slogan, it is what we are.

OFCO customized services support our pre-shipment inspection company and loading supervision. 
We are more than just an independent seafood inspection company. We provide a wide range of service to our customers to support them on their seafood purchase from vietnam.

R&D (Research & Development)
Develop new items for customers.

Market survey
Execute a survey in Vietnam or nearby countries.

Consultancy services and advice
Give indispensable key advice to develop your business
activity in Vietnam.

Sample Inspection
Inspect samples in site, at the suppliers' factory or have it
delivered to our office.

Carry on audit requests and adapt to our customers
standard if necessary.

Work as consultant in Vietnam or nearby countries.

Develop some packaging design for customers.

Special Services
Do not hesitate to contact us for any support
we could possibly offer you.

For the complete list of our service, fees and responsibilities limits,
contact us for more information.