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OFCO offers its services to worldwide buyers
on their purchase 
from Vietnam.

Our two main services are pre-shipment inspection and loading supervision. And our differences are our customized services and our common sense.
To be efficient and to help our customers maintain and successfully develop their business, our company adapts a preventive strategy to minimize the risk of rejection and disappointment. And as flexibility is part of a good service, we also provide customized services tailored to our costumers  needs.
We use the international norms as a guide but, more importantly, we apply common sense to make objective inspection reports to help our clients make an informed and well advised decision. More than just providing inspection services, our objective is to support our customers on their seafood purchase from Vietnam.

To our regular customers, we are also offering advices and we guide them on their purchase in Vietnam. For the new and irregular customers, we recommend them to visit our free online trading platform ( to help them on their sourcing.

We have launched OFCO Group in 2011 that clearly separate sourcing with our free online database ( from the inspection. Considering 'we cannot be judge and party at the same time', we firmly believe that we cannot correctly judge the quality of the consignment if we are also responsible for buying this consignment.  To preserve our integrity and despite our strong initial development as agent, we intentionally took the risk in 2008 to stop progressively this service and concentrate on pre-shipment inspection, loading supervision and consultancy services. End of 2011, we has stop offering service as agent and trader.

Pre-shipment inspection and loading supervision are key services we recommend to seafood buyeres when purchasing in Vietnam. Our advice help our customers obtain the best deal from Vietnam while our inspection secure their purchase. 

OFCO is working as Third Party Inspection Company and we represent neutral party to observe the quality of consignments. We issue objective QC report and the decision to accept or reject consignment(s) remains the responsibility of the buyer.

" We look after our customer's best interests and give the best possible advice at all times."

For the complete list of our services, fees and responsibilities limits, please contact us for more information.