With the fast depletion of our wild fish supply, aquaculture has presented itself as the best method of providing us with our favorite seafoods.
But the irony is that most farmed fish are carnivorous and need a high level of protein in their diet. Such proteins tend to be sourced from industrial fishing (average 4 Kg wild fishes to produce 1 Kg of farmed fish). Pangasius on the other hand is an exception. being an omnivorous species, they only need a small proportion of meat protein in their diet. They can get get protein in other sources such as plants.
They are most commonly raised with a specially formulated feed, mainly derived from plant matter like rice husk, wheat, sunflower, soyabean, cassava, coconut meal etc and an 8% by-product of non-Pangasius seafood.
Such characteristic makes Pangasius advantageous to grow compared
to other species.