OFCO Sourcing

Your partner in seafood

OFCO Sourcing provides services to the worldwide seafood buyers
on their purchase from Vietnam. Our expert knowledge of the market
has built us a reputation for finding the right seafood supplier for
the right customer.

OFCO Cargo inspection

Do not gamble with quality!

More than just providing inspection services, our objective is to
support our costumers on their seafood purchase from Vietnam.

To be efficient and to help our costumers maintain and develop
successfully their business, our company adapts a preventive strategy
to minimize the risks of rejection and disappointment. And as flexibility
is part of a good service, we also provide costumized services
tailored to our costumers need.

OFCO Database

Free online trading platform for Vietnamese seafood

OFCO Pre-shipment inspection

Our advice will help you to get the best deal and
our inspection will secure your purchase

OFCO Directory | Seafood directory

Comprehensive list of Vietnamese seafood suppliers,
worldwide buyers and other related companies

OFCO Loading supervision

Secure the loading of your consignments from Vietnam

OFCO Statistics

Some facts about Vietnamese market

OFCO Customized Service

We offer exhaustive services catering to each and everyone's specific

Promote pangasius!

Pangasius suppliers and buyers, find here the best tool
to promote pangasius

OFCO Trading

Pangasius by-product trading

While norms are necessary, they are not the guarantee of a good product. Smell, texture, treatment,
packaging, overall aspect of the product and each species specific characteristics are essential
criteria to determine whether a product is good or not. These specifications are subjective and
cannot be measured solely by rigid norms or restricted by official international standards.

Our strength is a recognized experience in seafood, which is supported by our independence.
We use the international norms as a guide but most importantly, we apply common sense
to make objective inspection reports to help our clients make an informed and well advised decision.

About Us

With more than a decade of expertise in Seafood from Vietnam, our company has reached our ultimate
goal to serve you better.

Starting with OFCO Sourcing, our expert knowledge of the Vietnamese seafood market has built us a
reputation for «finding the right supplier for the right customer».

But to preserve our integrity and despite our strong initial development as agent, we intentionally took
the risk in 2008 to stop our service as agent and concentrate on< pre-shipment inspection, loading
and consultancy services.Considering 'we cannot be judge and party at the same time',
we firmly believe that we cannot correctly judge the quality of the consignment if we are also responsible
for buying this consignment.

OFCO Sourcing is now part of OFCO Group, which offers exhaustive services catering to each and
everyone’s specific needs in the seafood business.

In OFCO Group, we clearly separate sourcing with our free online database (www.ofcodatabase.info)
from the inspection (www.ofco.info/inspection/).

Evolution of OFCO Group's activity
from 2007 to 2011

These graphics demostrate how our strong background
in sourcing brought us success to increase our expertise
in cargo Inspections.

JC Diener

ABOUT Jean-Charles Diener

Jean-Charles Diener obtained in France a Master's Degree in Agronomy specialized
in Aquaculture. He developed Tilapia farming in Africa and worked on Black Tiger
farming with CIRAD (1) in the Philippines.
Since 1999, Jean-Charles Diener continuously and diligently contributed in the best
possible way to the Vietnamese seafood development.

From 2001 he started to work on the development of Vietnamese seafood export.
He also worked on Pangasius farming and helped to develop feeds for Pangasius
within Proconco [2]. These experiences are the foundation on which he established

In 2007, he founded OFCO Sourcing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which became an
Associate member of VASEP [3] in February 2008. Through OFCO Sourcing,
Jean-Charles Diener has made his company became a recognized seafood specialist.

For the past couple of years, Jean-Charles Diener engaged himself and OFCO in the
development of worldwide communication in regards to the sustainability of the
Pangasius aquaculture.

In 2011, he expanded OFCO to OFCO group to provide extensive services to its
[1] CIRAD : French Agricultural Research
Centre for International Development
[2] Proconco : One of Vietnam's leading
supplier of animal feed.
(French-Vietnamese Joint Venture)
[3] VASEP : Vietnam Association of Sea-
food Exporter and Producers
Open letter from Jean-Charles Diener,
Founder and Director of OFCO Group

Inspection | Market intelligence | Advice

Buying products at the cheapest price is not a good strategy in long term. Buying the best possible quality at the market price is more durable. By focusing too much only on prices, you may actually end up paying more for a low and unstable quality product.



We do not buy or sell seafood… but by using our service, you will eventually obtain cheaper and better quality product. We are the expert in seafood inspection but our services do not end there. We look after our customer’s best interests and give them the best possible advice at all times. More than just providing only inspection services, our objective is to support our regular customers on their seafood purchases.

+ With OFCO, your inspections will be carried out by highly trained and professional inspectors following international standards: There is a minimum of two people of different nationalities on each team operating at the same time.    

+ OFCO Market intelligence, advices and forecast will always keep you one step ahead and help you to develop new and better strategies for your business.

Note: Several international and well-known companies offer pre-shipment inspection on seafood and other items. Their services have the advantage to be usually cheap, recognized internationally and are always welcome and preferred by the suppliers. Other (small) local inspection companies can even offer inspection at cheaper price.

So why use OFCO? Because despite their apparent cheap prices, those companies will actually cost you more and don't give the security you need.

=> For more information contact us at inspection@ofco.info